What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

- The Next Big Wave for Entrepreneurs

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Facebook Messenger Marketing - A New Way To Communicate With Prospects and Customers.
The future of internet marketing is changing. Customers don't want mass-produced emails... they want personal, one-on-one interactions with an immediate response.
With Facebook Messenger Marketing you can generate more new customers by giving your prospects the customer experience they want.

A System To Make More Sales.

Facebook Messenger allows you to tap into a huge platform where your customers are having meaningful conversations. This gives you the power to discover what your customers really want, while getting a chance to overcome their doubts and objections and generate more sales and revenue.

A Customer-Generating Process You Can Automate (Just Like Your Email Autoresponder)

Capture new leads and nurture them with automated follow-up sequences, then make the sale right inside of Messenger

10X The Effectiveness of your Facebook Activities

Facebook Messenger - is taking over as the Number 1 Platform businesses use to reach and engage with prospects, fans and clients.
Nowadays, more and more business owners are moving their marketing into the Facebook messenger.

Businesses spend months and even years building Facebook business pages and running ads, trying to grow their brands and achieve omnipresence.

Time to face the truth! - Achieving constant engagement is harder than ever before.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow not change a thing, but increase our engagement and results exponentially?

That Time Has Arrived!

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Introducing frrium...

- The most powerful and complete facebook messenger marketing software.

facebook messenger marketing

frrium is a very new and surprising invention for digital marketing, a complete facebook messenger marketing software.

The world first bulk message sender to facebook messenger subscribers, and it is combined with marketing tools for generating messenger leads. It’s the best alternative of email marketing which is more powerful.

frrium campaigner...

The world first bulk message sender to facebook messenger subscribers

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Facebook Messenger Marketing - Really more powerful than email marketing!

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5 Super Tools for Messenger Leads Generator

Generate More Messenger Leads

1. Auto Private Reply (messenger and comments)

  • Dramatically Increases Post Engagement

  • Master Tool To Build Massive Lead List

  • Make Your Internet Marketing More Interactive

  • Multipurpose Usasge

auto private reply
message us button

2. 'Message Us' Button

  • Very Latest New Tools Released By Facebook

  • "Contact Us" Forms Are No Longer Needed

  • Tansforms Any Prospect To Your Messenger Lead

  • Build Your Business Relationship with Facebook

3. Messenger Ad JSON Code

  • Create Messenger Ad For More Leads

  • Generate Your JSON Code & Put In Your Ads

  • Turn Your "Link Click Ad" To Lead Generator

  • Pays You Back With Leads

messenger json code
poster call to action

4. Poster 'Call to Action'

  • Tracks Post Engagements & Converts It To Leads

  • Build Personal Relationship With Clients

  • Make Your Internet Marketing More Interactive

  • Multipurpose Usage

5. Facebook Chat Plugin

  • No More Support Tickets !

  • We Use This In Our Business Everyday

  • Instant Messaging & Effective Communication

  • Easy Communication In Front, New Leads In Back

facebook chat plugin

...and that's not all... :-)

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Awesome Additional Features...

- frrium is a very powerful application to manage your all business page messages in one place.

- It's a real hassle to manage all pages that you own and see the messages of your users and reply to them.

- In most cases, facebook doesn't give a notification that you've recieved a message in your page.

- So your business reputation might be in danger if you don't reply them in time.

- That's why to increase interactivity with your page's user - frrium is the Best Professional Choice.

email notifications
manage messages
reply to messages
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All frrium Features!

Multiple Facebook Pages.

Sync Page's Messenger Leads.

Send Bulk Message to Leads.

Auto Sync Lead Everyday.

Multipage Campaign Set Option.

Custom Campaign Set Option.

Full Report of Campaign (Delivery/Unsuccessful).

Custom Message With Individual Leads Name.

Delay Option For Each Message Send.

Unsubscribe Link Embed Option.

Manual Unsubscribe Option.

Auto Unsubscribe option for Blocked User.

Auto Private Reply for Post Comment.

Highly Customizable Option for Your Reply Text.

Filtering Word Based Reply Option.

Full Report of Auto Reply.

"Send Message" Button for Your Website.

JSON code generation tools for Facebook Messenger Ads.

Message Page CTA Poster.

Facebook Chat Plugin for Website.

Pages Message in One Place.

All Unread Messages in One Place.

Reply Option from One Place.

Unread Message Information Notification to Email.

All Unread Page Notification in One place.

Awesome Dashboard.

and much more...

frrium Dashboard

- Easy to work on any device!

frrium dashboard

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So, what can frrium do for You?

- Change the way Your business communicate with Your customers!

  • Facebook Messenger are changing the way businesses communicate with customers (you'll be left in the digital dust if you don't develop a presence on this increasingly essential communication channel)
  • Messenger has less friction for the end user, take advantage of this built-in trust to foster deeper relationships with your customers
  • Integrate Facebook Messenger Marketing with the rest of your marketing strategy
  • Simple to setting up and configuring your account
  • Start to generate a 500% ROI on your very first Messenger campaign
communicate with your customers
build messenger list

Build Your Messenger List

  • Build your messenger list without spending a dime! (Yes, you can grow a large FB Messenger list through organic posts - alone)
  • Turn your list-building up a notch with inherently viral list-building posts such as polls, quizzes, and contests
  • Master the "Comment-to-Benefit" feature to skyrocket user engagement and raise your relevance score... while building your subscriber list at the same time
  • Replace boring live chat software with Facebook Messenger overlays to give your site visitors a better user experience

Nurture Leads With Automated Messages

  • Once you've captured a subscriber, engage with them and deepen your connection through meaningful welcome messages and strategic questions (all of which can be fully automated and segmented)
  • Take advantage of Messenger's high consumption rate to send automated follow-up sequences with sky-high open and clickthrough rates
  • Tag and segment your prospects based on their behavior to learn more about your prospects, what their challenges are, and what they want to buy next
automated messages
monetizing messenger list

Monetizing Your Messenger List

  • Tweak your broadcast strategy and frequency to generate maximum sales from Facebook Messenger
  • Find out EXACTLY why your prospects didn't buy (and even turn some non-buyers into buyers)
  • Use "conversational selling" instead to sell to your prospects without coming across as too pushy or "salesy"
  • Even if you don't have a big enough team to respond to messages by hand, frrium will help you make Facebook Messenger Marketing work for your unique business

Trial: 7 days. Then, ONLY 9.95$/month

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If You have more questions don't hesitate to contact Us!

Frrium is a complete facebook messenger marketing software. It is able to send bulk messages to your messenger leads from your pages and have some very cool options to generate messsenger leads easily and rapidly. Also it has inbox manager that will help you to manange your page's message in one dashboard.
You will be able to send from your pages only. And you can send message to a conversation. Means those who have already message to your pages or have a coversation with him. Pages can't initiate any conversation first.
Yes, all the messages goes to your subscribers inbox directly.
Frrium has some great tools for your facebook marketing, that will help your build your messenger lead list easily. Private auto reply, Message Us Button, Chat Plugin, Messenger Ad Campaign, Message Page CTA post, all of them will help you to generate messenger leads.
Yes. He will be eligible for sending message. After syncing page, leads will be imported in software.
No. Only pages can send messages.
The application is developed with facebook official API. So everything is designed in leagal way. But you shouldn't be too much aggressive and shouldn't do abusive use. So use delay feature during sending bulk message. And split your campaign with small number of leads. This application is tested for several months, before launching and also we use in our own business. There is no problem. But we are not responsible for your abusive use.
No, users don't need their FB API. You just need to accept our apps invitation request.
Yes you can! frrium’s Dynamic Personalization lets you customize any message with first or last name, full name.
frrium’s Anti-Duplication technology recognizes subscribers by username, so no one will get the same message twice.
frrium support

Connect, Engage, Benefit. It's Simple.

Be honest, when was the last time you didn’t open a Facebook private message?

As a business owner, frrium is the best way for you to get more from not only your fans, but from anyone who is interested in your content on your Facebook page or ads.
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